Basic Gymnastics for Kids is NOW OPEN!

It’s time to find out why it's fun to flip! Basic Gymnastics for Kids is an excellent introductory program for both boys and girls. It is beneficial for developing kids’ balance, basic motor skills, and coordination. The beginner gymnastics class focuses on learning basic body positions like a straddle, tuck, rolling and gymnastics terminology. Once children learn these skills, they’ll progress to the good balance skills like hopping, jumping cart wheels and many more.


Al Hilal Branch
D-Ring Road, Al-Hilal Street,
Al-Tadamon Signal
P.O.Box 10525, Doha,
T : +974 4432 0974/4441 1234
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F : +974 4435 8190
E : enquire@iaidonline.org
Al Wukair Branch
Halat Al Asirir Street,
Al Meshaf Road Al Wukair

T : +974 44271155 / 44271166
M: +974 66188708
E : info@iaidonline.org

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